Grade 7 (Afrikaans & English)

Grade 7 is an important time for a learner approaching senior phase. uBtutored is here to help them develop not only their characters but also how they apply their logic to problem-solving and other academic skill.  

Our curriculum provides appropriate challenges and opportunities for each learner to master as they progress academically towards a greater understanding of what vocation they ultimately want to pursue. 

9 SUBJECTS are taught in the Intermediate Phase, namely:


✔ English 

✔ Afrikaans 

✔ Mathematics

✔ Life skills

✔Natural Science & Technology

✔ Social Science


✔Creative Arts


✔ Engels 

✔ Afrikaans 

✔ Wiskunde 

✔ Lewensvaardigheid

✔ Natuurwetenskap en  Tegnologie

✔ Sosiale Wetenskap


✔Kuns en Kultuur

(includes all Assessments and 4 Reports)

Parents have the flexibility to choose an option to suite their needs.